Little Vietnam in Newtown

Sweet and Sour Soup

Hello, This post is going to be full of fish sauce, rolls and rice paper. Do you know what I’m talking about? Vietnamese food! I think I’ve fallen in love with a small restaurant called Rice Paper in Newtown. Despite their small and humble exterior, the kitchen delivers some of the best Vietnamese dishes I have ever had in Australia. I’m not talking about phở, I’m talking about a true, authentic and familiar Vietnamese home-cooked meal. I felt like I was back in Vietnam and oh dear, I would go to Rice Paper for a million times. As a matter of fact, I went to the restaurant two times within one week because the first time wasn’t enough. I miss Vietnam so much *weeps*. It was actually a spontaneous decision. My friend, Tara, and I went to Newtown on a sunny Saturday and invited ourselves to Rice Paper, all out of the blue. And that was one of my best decisions. Spring rolls. The secret to the best spring rolls, or any rolls at all, is the fish sauce. My mum is an expert at this. You can’t get it from the bottle you buy at the supermarket. If you’d like to have a go at it, keep an eye on my blog for a post on how to make grilled pork chops with broken rice and fish sauce. It’s going to be a good one, I promise. Vietnamese beef carpaccio. Not my favourite because I picked out all the chilli, and this is supposed to be a little spicyL. The beef is medium rare and as you can see, served with lemon and prawn crackers. If you love sour soup, or just sour food in general, make sure you always order the sweet and sour soup at your favourite Vietnamese restaurant. Vietnamese sweet and sour soup is definitely one of my favourite food in the world. Although it was a little sweeter than normal, I was happy and I knew then that I was going to come back to this place. And I did. A few days after that, I came back to Rice Paper as my beloved Hong Kong buddies wanted to try some new Vietnamese food. How convenient for me. Summer rolls. I can’t help you on the sauce quest this time. Hopefully I’ll be able to find out the recipe! Sugarcane beef. This one is going on my A+++ list as well. I should have taken a photo of the rice paper (which was steamed for us, thank you very much Rice Paper). Grab one rice paper (they gave us 6), remove the beef from the sugarcane (which you can chew on later if you’d like to), cut them in half, and put a bit of everything on that plate on the rice paper. Make sure they are in a small and rollable size. You can watch a tutorial here (from 3:50). Good luck! We failed at wrapping our rolls properly because we… put too much stuff in them. But it was worth it. I tried the sweet and sour soup again (pardon me), and yes, it was perfect this time and everybody loved it, except for Michelle because she doesn’t like sour food. But if you do, it’s a must-try! The last dish, caramelised pepper pork and prawn, served with bean sprout and carrot. It was enjoyable and very tasty. This is one of the most popular dishes in Vietnamese cuisine and Rice Paper had done to my tastebud again. I will upload a recipe for this dish soon (fingers crossed). Overall, I am super happy with the quality of the food, as I’ve said, I would come back here again and again. After walking around Newtown, which was pleasant and exciting (there’s a Dangerfield shop on King street!), we went to The Pie Tin for round 2. Gooey caramel & choc ganache. Not the best I’ve had. It was too sweet for me. I wanted to try their apple pie but they ran out of it when we got there. Hot chocolate. I really liked the vibe of this place. It was energetic, cosy and the interior was rather unique.

It took quite long to get to the cashier but the food came out really quickly so that balances everything out. I would come here again to try the apple pie and just to be in the atmosphere. The staff here were super nice and friendly to us. They definitely make a dark interior a lot brighter.

Rice Paper Restaurant on Urbanspoon

The Pie Tin on Urbanspoon

Rice Paper
131 King St, Newtown
Sun – Thur: 12pm-10pm
Fri & Sat:  12pm-10:30pm
The Pie Tin
1a Brown St, Newtown
Mon – Wed: 10am – 8pm
Thurs – Sat: 10am – 10pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm
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