Thai Pothong, Newtown


If Rice Paper is my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Newtown, then Thai Pothong has to be my favourite Thai restaurant. It was quite empty when we came in at 6pm, but the place was gradually filled with more customers. Despite the large number of customers, the waiters and waitresses managed to keep an eye on us at all time.

The food was served quickly and ah, delicious Thai food. The food at the Thai restaurants I’ve been to are usually oily and, sometimes, heavy. But it’s different at Thai Pothong. The chicken cashew nuts dish was light and tasty. It wasn’t oily, the amount of sauce was just right for me and it was very pleasant.


Thai Pothong’s BBQ pork is a must-try. At first I thought the pork looked sort of burnt and there was too much fat. Don’t let your eyes fool you. Remove the tiny burnt parts and enjoy that soft, but firm feeling from the pork and the dipping sauce. These 2 dishes were too much for me and Joanne so we tried our best (we did take our time) to finish everything.


Thai Pothong Restaurant and Gift Shop on Urbanspoon

Thai Pothong

294 King St, Newtown

Open 7 days a week, lunch and dinner


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